/lɪft / (say lift)

verb (t)
1. to move or bring (something) upwards from the ground or other support to some higher position; hoist.
2. to raise or direct upwards: to lift the hand; to lift the head; to lift the eyes.
3. to hold up or display on high.
4. to raise in rank, condition, estimation, etc.; elevate or exalt.
5. to make louder or more audible: *He lifted up his voice, irate, / And swore till all the air was blue –a.b. (banjo) paterson, 1895.
6. to rescind or remove; bring to an end: to lift the ban on the import of drugs.
7. to carry: this ship can lift 5000 tonnes of cargo.
8. Aboriginal English to take away: you shouldn't tell the Department that or they'll lift the kids.
9. to move (cattle, goods, etc.) from one place to another.
10. Colloquial to steal or plagiarise.
11. to dig up (root crops).
12. to perform enhancing plastic surgery on (a particular part of the body) in order to tighten skin which has stretched and sagged.
13. US to pay off (a mortgage, etc.).
14. Golf to pick or take up.
verb (i)
15. to go up; give to upward pressure: the lid won't lift.
16. to pull or strain in the effort to lift something: to lift at a heavy weight.
17. to move upwards or rise; rise and disperse, as clouds, fog, etc.
18. to rise to view above the horizon when approached, as land seen from the sea.
19. the act of lifting, raising, or rising: the lift of a hand.
20. extent of rise, or distance through which anything is raised.
21. lifting or raising force.
22. the weight or load lifted.
23. a moving platform or cage for conveying goods, people, etc., from one level to another, as in a building.
24. any device or apparatus for lifting.
25. a helping upwards or onwards.
26. a ride in a vehicle, especially one given free of charge to a traveller on foot.
27. exaltation or uplift, as in feeling.
28. a rise or elevation of ground.
29. Aeronautics a force exerted by the air on an aerofoil and acting perpendicularly to the flight path.
30. one of the layers of leather forming the heel of a boot or shoe.
31. Mining a thickness (of ore) mined in one operation.
32. the direction in which a wave breaks or a surfer travels.
33. the establishment of a sheepdog's control over a flock, before they are rounded up.
34. lift one's game, Colloquial to improve one's performance, often suddenly and dramatically.
{Middle English lifte(n), from Old Norse lypta lift}
lifter, noun
lifting, noun

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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